About Us | The Fast Lane Club
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Stephen Owens



“SO” as we call him is a motorsport fanatic.  He has competed in and finished the Mille Miglia five times and competes regularly in numerous classic rallies in the UK & abroad, sometimes winning.

Tom Owens



Son of “SO”, Tom is the smart and sensible one among us. Aside from The Fast Lane Club, he runs a very successful Healthcare Products & Solutions Business.  Definitely has a soft spot for Porsche, as long as it is black.

Simon Smith



The creative one, “Smithy” loves coming up with new ideas for our Tours and Events.  With over 7 years experience in the motor industry too, he is hugely well connected. If you are looking to source or sell a car, he is the man to speak to.

The Fast Lane Club was born out of our love and genuine passion for high end, luxury & classic sports cars.

We are incredibly lucky to have built up a collection of desirable performance & classic cars which we love to use.  Imagining and delivering wonderful driving tours and experiences where we can enjoy the cars with like minded people is our passion.


As we all know, life is too short.  We aim to create some incredible memories and have lots of fun along the way.