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Yorkshire Driving Tour


Unique experience for couples to enjoy some of the finest scenery and roads in the North of England, starting at Bowcliffe Hall


2 Days and 2 Nights high quality accommodation in a relaxed, in-formal atmosphere with fine wines and dining staying at the Yorke Arms in idyllic Nidderdale


Dates: Friday, 24th & Saturday 25th September


Pre-planned routes following fabulous roads and no agenda – other than fun & a relaxed pub lunch exploring Yorkshire’s finest scenery


Limited to 15 couples/pairs – ALL CARS WELCOME



9:00 Meet at Bowcliffe Hall for bacon butties & Welcome


10:00 Depart for day’s driving with a detailed pre-planned route exploring some of North Yorkshire’s finest scenery


1:00 Buffet stytle Lunch – location TBC


2:30 Depart – afternoon drive enjoying more of God’s Country


5:30 Arrival at Yorke Arms – Tea & Scones on Arrival


7:30 Evening BBQ with pre dinner drinks



8:00 – 9:00 Full English Breakfast


10:00 Depart for 2nd day’s driving with a detailed pre-planned route exploring the Forest of Bowland and surrounding areas


1:00 Lunch – location TBC


2:30 Depart – afternoon drive


5:30 Arrival back at Yorke Arms – Champagne reception


7:30 Evening 3 course dinner with pre dinner drinks & bottle of wine per couple


9:00 Prize giving & awards



Breakfast & depart at your leisure

The Yorke Arms, Nidderdale

The Yorke Arms is a luxurious country house set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.


There are 17 individually designed rooms and suites, sleeping up to 33 people. Each has been meticulously appointed with comfortable and welcoming furnishings, as well as some little quirks that are unique to each room.


After a day of enjoying the wonderful scenery, you can sink into restful slumber amongst optimum comfort and luxury.

Home v2

The Fodder

The Yorke Arms will have a dedicated chef on hand to look after us.  On Day 1, you will enjoy an informal BBQ with a wonderful selection of local produce and relaxed evening.


On Day 2, you will be served a 3 course dinner, menu’s will be sent to you prior to the event to chose your meal.  And afterwards, we will have some fun with some awards & prize giving.


Huddle around the fire, start your night with a G&T, relax in our comfy sofas. The Yorke Arms has been set up as a home from home. If you want to kick back and watch the TV with a beer, you do that. Perhaps just a chance to talk with the friends you will make and just talk cars. You decide how you’d like to relax, we’ll take care of the rest.


The Yorke Arms will be exclusively ours for the duration with no other guests.


Breakfast at Bowcliffe Hall

2 nights’ Accomodation at the Yorke Arms

Breakfast each morning

Evening BBQ with wine at the end of day 1

3 course dinner, including wine at the end of day 2

Lunch on both days

Detailed Road Book with easy to follow directions

Tour managed by The Fast Lane Club

Carbon Neutral Tour – we offset our CO2 Emmissions


per person based on two people sharing accommodation.



How to book or reserve your place on any of our events, trips & tours:

Booking your place on this event couldn’t be easier. The first step would be to complete the online enquiry form and we’ll call you back to get you signed up.

Once we have discussed your individual options, we will send you a booking form which when completed gives us all the necessary information about you, your co-driver and your car as well as other useful extras such as dietary requirements and special requests that you might have.


You can secure a place on any of our tours, road trips or driving adventures with a deposit of just £250 per person. There’s no need to worry about paying anything more until the final balance is due (usually around 8 weeks before we travel) and you’re welcome to pay your final before that date if preferred. If the event you wish to join is within the next 8 weeks, we will require the full payment to be made at the time of your booking.


Prefer to have a chat over the phone?

Give us a call on 01924 427836


Minimum numbers

We have a minimum number of participants required for all of our events enabling them to be viable for us to run – this is usually 10 cars unless stated otherwise. In the event that we don’t reach the minimum numbers, the tour may be cancelled at which point your booking deposit will be refunded to you, or if preferred, allocated to another event of your choice.